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We offer you a wide range of products in the sector ; Formulars identification, Analysis and Archival storage.
In addition to our softwares packages, we offer also exclusive support such as; Telemaintenance and Informations, e.g. Handbooks.

You can be rest assured from our Softwares packages which are very much applicable both in the Commercial as well as in the Educational sectors.

High-Performance software Package

Our software package comprised of different modules of the Matchflow Softwares. We offer you the following softwares pakages:

1. Formular Analysis

The Formular Analysis adopts our modules matchflow ICR, matchflow OMR and matchflow Bar Codes. This is responsible for the identification of Labelling, Mechanical and Handwritten (Graphics) Notes and Products Codes (Bar codes) of documents.


2. matchflow Advanced (Extensive Module-Package)

With matchflow Advanced Package, we can offer you extensive processing possibilities for your documents, wherein their evluation are in hand.

You could for example organised and administered the logistic,or compiled all the ascertained and evaluated data together, so that, you could established a comparison of the statistical data or lists of findings (Results) which are prepared for pulication.


3. matchflow Autoscan

With matchflow Autoscan we can provide a fast and reliable Software for you, with which the completed scanned documents will be stored as image data in an SQL Database.

Where the freshly scanned Formulars could be further conveyed in an average of three working positions of Formular-analysis.


4. Web Server Application (matchflow Adjust)

With matchflow Adjust you can compile for example, the members of an examination committee by a means of an SQL Database in Internet and wherein you can allocate the eligibility of the committee members in an Online Team-interface, so that projects intended, work attributed and data sets will be easily admistered.

The Web Server application is conducted with the platform PC / OSX / Linux through every browser with Java Sun installation.