Unsere Zielsetzung und Beratungsphilosophie ist es, gemeinsam mit Ihnen und unseren Partnern bestehende und künftige Anforderungen optimal abzudecken.

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Service Provisions

  • Individual- and Database Programming
  • FMpro Development for PC and Mac
  • User-Network Programming:
    • FileMaker -> XT:Commerce / osCommerce
    • FileMaker -> Adobe InDesign
    • FileMaker -> Froogle (Price-search-Machine)
    • FileMaker -> Internet (Html, XML, mySQL, ODBC)
  • Programming and Production Cataloguing for Internet and CD-Rom versions for Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows
  • eCommerce - Solutions ( Online-Shop)
  • Integration from established ERP- and Merchandise Management Systems
  • Im- and -Export interfaces, XML, SQL Databases, FileMaker (PC/Mac)
  • TYPO3 Development, TYPO3 Extensions TYPO-Script and Templates Programming.

Further Information:

Adobe InDesign
Froogle (cost search engines)