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Our matchflow Software solutions in the sector of Formular Identification, Administration and Evaluation (Paperkeyboard) have already been successful in a unify sector.

In these sites we introduced to you a few of the already successfully completed application areas and we can show you how famous our matchflow software-package are applicable.

Central "A"-Level in Congo

We have worked successfully hand in hand with the Democratic Republic of Congo in the implementation of the Paperkeyboard-Workflow for the Central "A"-Level, both in the compilation of Examination (Test) Scripts, Digitising and also by the Data interpretation with the help of the matchflow software.

Kongolesischer Prüfungsbogen für das Zentralabitur

Congolese Test form for the Central "A"-Level
(click on the image to enlarge)

Zentralabitur im Kongo - Ablauf Diagramm (PDF)

Central "A"-Level in Congo - flowchart
(open a PDF by clicking on the image)


Verteter des kongolesischen Schulministeriums (EPSP)

Ambassador of the EPSP



Members of the Brakensiek Systemhaus explain the
matchflow software
to the ambassadors of the EPSP 


Vertreter des kongolesischen Schulministeriums testen matchflow

The invited ambassadors of the EPSP checked matchflow on site


Hardware und Softwaretest vor Ort

The also buyed hardware was checked too


Per Rücksprache wurde alles arrangiert

Everything got arranged on site


matchflow Test

The different matchflow moduls got tested


System Configurations Check des Microsoft SQL Servers

System configurations check of the microsoft SQL servers


Prüfungsbogen des EPSP nach dem Digitalisieren

Test script of the EPSP after digitalisation


matchflow Präsentation am Beamer

matchflow beamer presentation


High-End Scanner von Heidelberg / Linotype-Hell (ChromaGraph und Tango)

Heidelberg / Linotype-Hell high-end scanner (ChromaGraph and Tango)


Der Prüfungsbogen des Zentralabiturs

The central "A"-level test script


Der Heidelberg High-End Scanner Nexscan im Test

Testing the Heidelberg high-end scanner Nexscan


matchflow Präsentation am Beamer

matchflow beamer presentation

Paperkeyboard Schulung

explanation the test scripts composition



For a large Digitalisation enterprise, suitable high-power like speedy Documents Scanner is the best. Products from the Companies such as Canon, Kodak or Docuware have already
established themselves by the implementation of several larger projects.

Verklauf von High-End Dokumentenscannern

Additional to the software the Brakensiek Systemhaus sells the
adequate hardware: high-e
nd Canon document scanner


Verkauf von Canon Dokumentenscannern

Canon document scanner