Unsere Zielsetzung und Beratungsphilosophie ist es, gemeinsam mit Ihnen und unseren Partnern bestehende und künftige Anforderungen optimal abzudecken.

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The Company

Matchflow GmbH & Co. KG is originated from the setup of various business branches from the Brakensiek Systemhaus GmbH & Co. KG in Germany. The managing director and sole stockholder is Tim Brankensiek, he is also the founder of the Brankensiek Systemhause since 1990.

The Company exsisted since 2006. We develope, distribute and integrate with others Softwares solutions for the overlap application in the different business operations.

Herr Brakensiek in unserem Scannerraum

Our objective targets and helpdesk philosophie together with you and our existing partners is to meet our future obligations at the highest level.

We see our challenges in the establishment and maintenance of a permanent business relationship with you.

Paperkeyboard - an Indispensable Instrument

Our Matchflow Software solutions are applicable in multi-purposes and can also reduce the administrative expenses of your company.

Possible applications

Paperkeyboard is in many aspects not only a method to imagine, or facilitating the administration and evaluation of documents through the systematic operations,it will also help you to accelerate operations through the use of professional Softwares.


Highly graded in many ways wherein fast and accurate results are required, in these cases, application of our Matchflow Softwareproducts will help you achieving  fast and reliable results.

Paperkeyboard is applicable in various ways:

  • Markets Research and Surveys
  • Medicals and other Questionnaires
  • Salaries and Timekeeping
  • Annual Stocktaking / Annual Bills & Receipts
  • Pupils and Students Tests
  • Ordering
  • measuring data logging
  • logging and analysis of working data
  • logging and analysis of order formulars
  • and everywhere where supporting documents has been filled in and been processed